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Blue Star Jets featured on Bloomberg

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Bloomberg has a 20 minute video featuring interviews with Blue Star Jets founders Todd Rome and Richard Sitomer.  They discuss the private aviation world in general and their business in particular.   They mention that their revenue is over $100MM / year, and are targeting $1B + over the next 5-7 years on the back of international expansion.  There’s nothing particularly revelatory here, but it’s interesting if you’re curious about Blue Star.

“What makes private aviation expensive is one guy usually gets caught footing  the bill,” says Todd Rome.  I can certainly relate to that.  By the way, How rich is stinking rich?  I guess it’s one of those things — if you have to ask…

Bloomberg: So, the stinking rich can be very particular?

Sitomer: Very particular.

That comes up in a discussion of some of the more extreme demands that customers can make — specific examples being asking for 4000 thread count sheets, perfect pencil thin asparagus, and ice cubes made from Fiji water.

Blue Star Jets Interview on Bloomberg Enterprise

(thanks to Brad Lee for pointing out this interview)


Written by mojofinance

October 2, 2011 at 9:52 am

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