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National Business Aviation Association CEO strikes back at WSJ

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NBAA CEO Ed Bolen, in a letter to the editor, claimed that the WSJ article Corporate Jet Set: Leisure vs Business  “neglected to mention that the personal use of a company’s airplane typically accounts for only a tiny fraction of the aircraft’s flights.”  He continues “for the most part, businesspeople use airplanes to reach towns with little or no airline service, work more efficiently and productively while in flight, and be more nimble and competitive in a global marketplace.”

Call me crazy, but this sounds like a bunch of malarkey.  The WSJ certainly did not “neglect” to mention the things that Bolen claims, rather they made the opposite point entirely — that corporate jets are used far more often for leisure travel than the corporations and the NBAA claims, and, that such personal use of these aircraft is dramatically and systematically under-reported.  I agree that there is a general sense of “rich people are bad” in the article — surprising for the WSJ — but feel like they make a valid point.  I personally love to fly privately, but don’t want to pay (as a shareholder) for the CEO to go on vacation while being told that he’s flying for business.  If the CEO is really underpaid to the extent that he can’t afford to fly privately to the extent he wants to, then we can have a discussion about salary, but slipping in personal usage of a corporate jet effectively as hidden compensation is wrong.


Most Corporate Aircraft Users Are a ‘Working Jet Set’


Written by mojofinance

June 30, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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